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Hot sale 18 inch Cutter suction dredger
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Hot sale 18 inch Cutter suction dredger

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Hot sale 18 inch Cutter suction dredger

 1.introduce :

Cutter suction dredger are widely used all kinds of port . river .lake .sea and inland waterway for dredging . Set Sail cutter suction dredger adopt advanced hydraulic  control system . this system can reach the longer service life . higher performance and higher capacity . Prower of cutter suction dredger use diesel engine . this diesel engine from Cummins from US and UK. Cummins engine has steady performance . longer continuous working time . don't easy appear error.slurry pump is from famous manufacturing factory. pressure pump is made of high quality material to insure the service life , this pump can reach the output of full power .let customer get the largest capacity .
    Cutter suction dredger is customized by our factory according to the client request. including engine brand . slurry pump brand . hydraulic control system and the others . all parts of cutter suction dredger adopt advanced device let the cutter suction dredger reach the match well.

2. performance introduce  :

18 inch cutter suction dredger is small size cutter suction river sand dredger . it is water flow is about 3500cubic meter per hour to reach solid capacity about 700cubic meter per hour . accurate solid capacity depend on the mixture matrial situation .water flow meter . pressure meter concentration meter are the noral configuration except the normal configuration we can match DGPS dredging auxiliary system and video mornitoring system anchor rod  and carriage so on . 

3. Bsice parametere :


Item Name                                                                                          Descriptions /Specifications
Production Capacity (solid) 525-700 cbm/hr for medium sand at a distance of 1500 m.
Slurry concentration, %
Min 15%, Max 20%
Discharge distance (max) Max 2000 m
Dredging depth at 45 degree  45 15 m
Min. dredging depth 1.4m
Inner Diameter of suction pipe 500mm
Inner Diameter of discharge pipe 500mm
Average Draught 1.4m
Maximum draught 1.6m
Total weight 180Ton
Main engine  1137kw,Cummins,China
Auxiliary engine  260kw,Cummins,China
Total installed power 1397KW
Fuel tank capacity 30Ton
Delivery time 90 days


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Hot sale 18 inch Cutter suction dredger
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